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Vegan for food lovers


Over the past seven years, our team has engaged in the production, distribution and sale of safe & healthy crops (especially hydroponic produces). All along, we believe that selling safe and delicious agricultural produces is our vital commitment to the future of the society and customers. With over 5,000 mu. of hydroponic farms, which are located in Guizhou -Anshun, Guizhou - Zunyi, Guangdong - Guangzhou, Yunnan –Dali, hydroponic produces are our prime products.  After accumulating years of experience in agricultural production and sales, apart from hydroponic vegetables, we also grow high-quality hydroponic fruits and other agricultural produces in soil / traditional farm.


2019 is an important year for us. Not only did we open the first fruit tea and hydroponic fruit shop in The Mills in Hong Kong, but we are about to launch a brand-new retail, restaurant and agriculture project in Vietnam and Malaysia, as well as in Hong Kong and China. At the same time, with the introduction of the Malaysia’s most distinctive durian and durian by-products under our brand, we will establish a full range of online and retail sales channels in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Food safety and quality are our prime focus on agricultural produce. All along, we have not only invested resources in product quality inspection, but even eliminated any disqualified parties , like some cooperative farms and even academic organization like universities, that do not meet our standards, in order to bring high-quality, delicious, safe and healthy agricultural products to the public.


The origin of the brand name

According to the assessment of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, three-quarters of the food chain on which humans rely must be pollinated, and bee is precisely the most important pollinator among all insects.  So we use Bee b. Farm as our brand to reflect our diverse emphasis on ecology, safety and deliciousness.


"Pursue simple life, safe and healthy diet"

---- Bee b. Farm

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