2019 is an important year for our business. We launch our first tea drink shop in “The Mills” on February 14, 2019., in which most of the raw materials are made with our own products. In addition, there are many healthy and delicious instant juices. As the seasons change, we will formulate a series of healthy drinks centered on our products for you according to the recommendations of nutritionists, and implement our business philosophy - the pursuit of simple life, safe and healthy eating. In addition, our quality crops, hydroponic fruits and vegetables will also be sold in the store

We are also actively considering opening new retail businesses in other locations in Hong Kong.

Our New Shop @ The Lohas

Our New Shop @ The Lohas will be Launched in the 4th Quarter 2020, Please follow our Facebook to keep in touch with us.  We are looking forward to serving you @ The Lohas soon. 

Development Plan in the PRC and Overseas

2020 will be our new chapter. Originally scheduled for the first and second quarters of 2020, we will open new branches in Vietnam and China, and plan to open stores in Malaysia from the third quarter to the fourth quarter. Make full use of our agricultural production and fruit wholesale business in the above regions to open a new page for our store business, but due to the serious global epidemic, we will slightly postpone the development schedule in the region.

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